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An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Dental Implants. Scott D. Ganz.
66 pp., illustrated.
Dallas, Texas: Taylor Publishing Company; 1993. U.S. $65.00 (Special Web Price).


This concise hard cover book is intended for use by general dentists, prosthodontists, periodontists, and oral surgeons to explain and illustrate the processes of placing and/or restoring endosseous root form implants. The author's purpose is to educate patients who are candidates for dental implants and to serve as a guide for their understanding of the various treatment options available to restore one or more missing teeth.

The book is organized into six sections. The first section is an introduction to dental implants. A schematic panoramic radiograph is presented for orientation and for cornparison with the patient's specific situation. Schematic illustrations of implants and explanations of implant terminology are included. The second section covers treatment options and illustrates the various ways in which a missing tooth can be replaced. These include a removable partial denture, a resin-bonded fixed partial denture, a conventional three unit fixed partial denture, and a single tooth implant restored with a crown. Restorations for multiple missing teeth are also illustrated.

The third section is a step-by-step guide to the implant procedure: initial site preparation and implant placement; uncovering and placement of the healing collar; placement of the abutment; and fabrication of the prosthesis. A time table of the replacement process is included. Designed in the style of a timeline, it clearly illustrates that implant, dentistry is a series of procedures that require a prolonged time commitment by the patient.

The restorative options section discusses replacement of multiple teeth with fixed partial prostheses. Most of this section deals with the restoration of the edentulous maxilla and/or mandible and includes fixed and removable treatment options. Other implant topics are covered in the fifth section, including immediate implant placement, bone grafts. and sinus elevation procedures. A glossary that defines the important termsed in oral implantology completes the book.

The text is clear and concise without being too simplistic, in the hope that dialogue between the patient and dentist will be encouraged. The illustrations are clear. The author believes that schematic line drawings are preferable to clinical photographs because they have a "softer" effect on patients. Reprint sheets of some of the illustrations are included in a separate packet and can be used for presentation of treatment plans and fees. The sheets can also be signed by patients if they accept the plans and duplicated so both dentist and patient has a record of the agreement.

The guide assumes no sophistication on the part of the prospective patient and uses no jargon or overtly technical language that could interfere with clear communication between the dentist and patient. This book is recommended for implant surgeons and restorative dentists who value clear communication with their patients; it will be a real asset to both.

Meredith C. Bogert DMD
Department of Restorative Dentistry
School of Dentistry
Temple University

Implant Dentistry
Volume 6 Number 2
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