1979-1980: Evaluation of Medical Grade Silastic as an Endodontic Sealant. New Jersey Dental School.

1979: The Psychological, Social, and Nutritional Advantages of Complete Denture Construction in Geriatric Patients. NJDS, and B.S. Pollack Hospital, Jersey City, N.J.

1983-1984: Computer Utilization for Monitoring Chemotherapy Patients at M.D. Anderson Hospital. Houston, Texas.

1985-1988: Efficacy of a Behavioral Design for Oral Hygiene Control. NIH-NIDR Grant with the SBIR; Assistant Principal Investigator. Author of Grant - Phase I Awards $100,000.

1995-Present: Utilizing CT Scan Technology to Survey Anatomical Sites for Wide Body Implant Placement. Retrospective Study utilizing Interactive CT Scan Software. Principal Investigator.

2003-2004: Kwan, N., Yang, S., Guillaume D, Aboyousesef, H, Ganz SD, and Weiner, S. Resistance to Crown Displacement on a Hexdagonal Abutment. Implant Dentistry. Implant Dentistry Vol 13(2); 2004:112- 118.

2005-2006: Ganz, SD, Desai, N, Weiner, S. Marginal Integrity of Direct and Indirect Castings for Implant Abutments. J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2006. Vol 21(4) pp 593-598.

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