Dr. Ganz is Founder and President of
SDG Publications, Inc. and Co-Founder and Director of Interactive Digital Technologies, Inc.

A pioneer in the development of interactive multimedia presentations, educational material for the computer, CD-ROM, the Internet, and video, Dr. Ganz continues to bring new technologies to the field of Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Ganz serves on the Clinical Advisory Board of several different implant manufacturing companies as a Consultant for product evaluation, product development, research, and education. His direct input has facilitated the improvement of several prosthetic and surgical components, and educational training programs offered by these companies. During the past several years he has offered Live Surgical Implant Courses at his office several times each year featuring implant placement, grafting techniques, sinus augmentation procedures, GBR techniques, etc. In addition, Dr. Ganz has been interviewed for various publications including Dentistry Today, and Dental Practice and Finance.

If you are interested in consulting with Dr. Ganz in the areas of product evaluation, product development or education, please click here.

SDG Publications, Inc. is currently developing multimedia computer presentations and Treatment Planning Software in addition to a CD-ROM based on our book, "An Illustrated Guide to Dental Implants". Dr. Ganz has 20+ years of computer and graphics (commercial art) experience including programming several different languages, and knowledge of many commercial programs on both PC and MAC Platforms.

If you are interested in consulting with SDG Publications, Inc. in the areas of graphics, programming, and multimedia development, please click here.

Technology is finally catching up with many medical professionals! It is a great way to communicate with your colleagues, your patients and the world. If you found us, you can see the benefits and exposure that the internet has to offer.

Interactive Digital Technologies is developing web technologies that will provide practitioners with state-of-the art websites. In addition, we are focusing on delivering instructional multimedia over the web to professionals and patients.

If you are interested in consulting with Interactive Digital Technologies in the areas web development and design, please click here.

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