Presentations: 1997

February 7  

"Predictable Implant Dentistry" Iowa State Dental Society, Regional Meeting. Full Day Program. Sioux City, Iowa.

February 23-26   International Mini Residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology, Universidad Nacional, Federico Villareal, Facultad De Odontlogia, Lima, Peru. Live Surgical/Pros Demonstration, Live Surgical Uncovering of Implants, combined with prosthetic techniques for restoration.
March 8  

"Predictable Implantology Through Computer Imaging: Anatomical Considerations and Template Design" Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration. San Francisco, CA. Main Speaker.

March 21   "Current Techniques for Prosthetic Implant Reconstruction" Gargulia's Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York. Full Day Program.
April 3   "Contemporary Techniques for Achieving Predictable Results in Implant Placement and Reconstruction" The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.
April 16   "Predictable Implant Dentistry" Full Day Program. Manhattan, New York.
Oral Surgery Study Club Annual Meeting. Dr. Irwin Levy.
May 4  

"State-of-the-Art Concepts for Achieving Successful Implant Surgery and Prosthetic Reconstruction" Day Program. ICOI Benefit for Crown Council Members. New York University, NY, NY.

May 14  

"Esthetic Restoration Techniques" Robert B. Meyner Reception Center at PNC Bank Arts Center at the Garden State, Holmdel, NJ. Full Day Program Sponsored by Monmouth Medical Center w/ Dr. Julie Kazimiroff

May 17  

"Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Concepts for Implant Reconstruction" Brookdale Maxi-Course. Full Day Program. NYU School of Dentistry, Manhattan, NY.

June 20   "Making Implants Work" Full Day Program - Surgery and Prosthetics. Embassy Suites Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Dennis Perry / Oral & Facial Surgery Associates.
June 28   "Contemporary Techniques for Achieving Predictable Results in Implant Placement and Reconstruction" Paragon Clinician's Meeting, Warner Center Marriott Hotel, Woodland Hills, CA.
July 24   "Introduction to Dental Implant Reconstruction" Part One - Dental Implant Program at Hackensack Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ 11/2 hours.
August 19   "Contemporary Concepts in Implant Dentistry" University of Buffalo School of Dentistry, Buffalo, New York. Full Day Program.
September 24   "Diagnostic Imaging" Postgraduate Program in Implant Dentistry, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Day Program.
October 17, 1997     "Practical Clinical Concepts to Achieve Success with Dental Implants" Indiana Dental Implant Study Club,Dr. Leonard Anglais, Scherville, Indiana Full Day Program.
November 7   "Surgical and Prosthetic Applications of the Paragon Implant System" Annual Session American College of Prosthodontists Meeting. Renaissance Hotel, Orlando, Florida.
November 14   "State of the Art Treatment Planning Concepts to Achieve Success in Implant Reconstruction" Meeting of the Americas From "Grafting to Esthetics", Westin Beach Resort, Miami, Florida. Main Podium Speaker.
December 5   "Basic to Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic Concepts" presented at Dr. Meffert's Preceptorship in Implantology Program, at the University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas. Full Day Program.
December 6   "Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic Concepts to Maximize Results in Implant Dentistry" Greater Toronto Implant Study Club, Toronto, Canada. Full Day Program.
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